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About Chris

Chris has 5 years professional experience partnering successfully with global leaders to their support talent acquisition efforts. Running a full-service recruitment practice with the Innovative Management Solutions Group, Chris specializes in recruitment of Medical Device, Life Science and Pharmaceutical professionals throughout Canada and the United States.
With extensive connections in the healthcare industry and access to proprietary talent pool databases, Chris finds candidates who are excelling in their current roles but have more to offer. Many of the candidate Chris and his team find are not actively looking at the time of their reach out but have a career interest that they uncover through refined recruitment practices.
Having the opportunity to partner with well-established industry leaders and midmarket developing organizations, Chris has adapted to understanding the demands of tomorrow's leaders while working closely with the leaders of today. Whether you require headcount for immediate openings or help with developing a go-to-market plan for product launches, Chris will provide expert solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Chris Talbot, medical device recruiter

What We Do: Medical Recruitment

IMS Group is an Executive Search Firm specializing in the headhunting and recruitment of those individuals who excel and may or may not be looking at the time of an employers search for candidates. Their approach uncovers valued candidates that provide exceptional value to their organizations resulting in candidates you won’t find browsing job boards or LinkedIn. Providing specialized recruitment services in the healthcare industry, Chris locates highly skilled individuals who stand out among their peers.¬†

Chris works with a highly selective group of medical device, pharmaceutical  and life sciences organizations who refuse to higher mediocre talent. The high demands of his clientele have shaped a recruitment process that directly targets top performers through a strong referral network and talent attraction tools. Curating a network of qualified candidates, Chris pre-qualifies top producers and determines if they are ready for career growth. 

Our Goal: Recruit Hard to Find - Top Talent for the Healthcare Industry

“If there is one consistency amongst sales leaders, it’s the search to hire top producers that make an immediate impact. Top performers tend to have a few things in common; self-starters, intrinsically motivated, goal-oriented, lifelong learners, competitive and adaptable.” – Chris Talbot

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