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Medical Recruiter Services

Chris Talbot is one of the top medical recruiters in North America. He is known for going above and beyond in the healthcare and medical recruiting industry.

Medical Device Recruiter for Large Employers

Chris specializes in talent acquisition for healthcare, with a focus on recruiting the best fit talent in the private sector. Some of the top companies in the industry use Chris for their medical device recruitment. His clients offer a broad portfolio of devices, instruments and systems used in various facets of health care.

“ 81% of employees would consider leaving their current job for an opportunity that meets their current interests."

Chris is known for providing exceptional service and being able to fill his talent pipeline with highly qualified candidates for roles across North America. For his client, Chris reaches out to skilled sales reps, medical executives, scientists, developers, and more, to access talent that may not even be looking. With experience and connections recruiting in this niche market, Chris Talbot has the knowledge to understand your needs and find the best talent for your specific position.

Proven Methods for Successful Recruiting

As a recruiter in the medical device industry, Chris Talbot knows hiring in this market is both competitive and complex. Chris utilizes various tools to be an effective medical recruiter. 

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Collaboration with the Client Employer

Chris is skilled at finding the best candidates for talent-driven companies. By deep diving into employer needs to develop the criteria to get what they want and attract the most qualified candidate. 

By working collaboratively with companies, and building relationships with talent, he knows what each candidate is looking for. 

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Research and Networking in the Medical Device and Medical Industry

Chris uses knowledge of the niche market to strategically identify the best quality candidates for his clients. Effective recruiting is not only about identifying talent but connecting with them authentically, to place the right talent at the right company. 

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Access to a large database of medical professionals across North America

By working with IMS Group, Chris has access to a database of talent for medical recruitment to source. He can match connections made by medical device recruiters with your criteria to build a talent pool. He then pre-qualifies candidates to determine whether to make the connection. He can identify, qualify, and present ideal candidates that succeed.

The difference Chris' recruiting process makes

When a company is looking to fill a position, Chris already has an idea of who to reach out to. Whether people are looking for a new opportunity or not, by matching the individual with a work environment Chris knows would appeal to them. Employer’s win and the individuals in Chris’ network win.

Chris picks up the phone, goes to in-person meetings, and connects with qualified candidates at the right time and in the right way. As a result, Chris knows how to build authentic and strong relationships with talent which creates opportunity for them and is a benefit to you, Chris’ clients.

Chris Talbot Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Top three reasons professionals make a career move 

Leadership and organizational changes

Career growth opportunities

Commuting and Worklife balance

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If you’re a healthcare company seeking to fill a role, or would like to learn more about how to access top talent to stack your team, sit down with Chris and his proven methods.
Chris Talbot
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