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"It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with Chris over the past years. Attracting and hiring the right candidates for a high performance sales team can be very challenging. Chris has consistently provided top producing candidates for my teams over the years and as well, provided valuable commercial insights that any hiring manager needs.

He is a true professional that balances the needs of his clients with that of his candidates to ensure a great fit every time. Finally, Chris is incredibly responsive and attentive to the hiring process, which goes a very long way when attracting top talent. I look forward to continuing to work with Chris and soliciting his knowledge and experience in helping build high-performance teams."
Dave Lindsay
National Sales Manager
“Today, 90% of recruiters use Llinkedin as a first step in healthcare recruitment and fewer than 10% use time tested cold calling methods. Data shows that actual conversations results in greater connection with prospects while reducing time to connect by 70%”
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