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Chris Talbot is a medical executive recruiter with IMS Group. His clients include some of the leading drug companies as well as top medical companies across North America.

Chris Talbot is a medical executive recruiter with IMS Group.

His clients include some of the leading drug companies as well as top medical companies across North America. Those clients represent companies providing innovative technology and treatments that are saving lives, while others make change across the health care system to improve its quality.
As a recruiter for healthcare management, he collaborates with his clients to find their perfect candidate. Chris finds knowledgeable talent for management level roles that require specific skill sets - both short-term and long.
Chris Talbot

Healthcare Industries that Chris has placed Management

Chris works within the the Life Science recruitment division at IMS Group, serving as a key contact for dozens of companies recruiting medical professionals. By developing a skilled pool of management level talent, the life sciences recruiters at IMS have helped healthcare employers hire leadership for over two decades. 

Chris has a successful history recruiting healthcare executives in the following areas:

Healthcare research and clinical development

Medical device companies


Healthcare Leadership Recruited by Chris Talbot. Better Hires. Better Experience.

Work with a recruiter who uses the most effective ways to attract high caliber candidates.

Trusted in Healthcare as a Connected Medical Executives Recruiter​

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Medical executives are hard to find. And they know that the landscape in this industry is constantly changing. That’s why it’s imperatives that medical and healthcare companies work with a industry specific recruiter. 

When it comes to seeking new career opportunities, candidates can be in the driver’s seat. That couldn’t be more true than in the executive job market, where candidates are more in tune with who they want to work for, the environment they want to work in and what they hope that role will lead to in their careers.

“81% of employees would consider leaving their current job for an opportunity that meets their current interests”

As a healthcare executive recruiter, Chris knows how to leverage the interests of candidates and display how the companies he recruits for provide an opportunity for candidates to achieve their goals. By working closely with the companies seeking top talent in senior-level roles, he develops insight into the company’s culture, leadership style and sales strategies to help find the right fit.

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Benefit for Healthcare Employers: Talent Seek Out Chris for Opportunity

Medical executive candidates are well aware they are in a position of power when it comes to looking at new opportunities and therefore organizations have to appeal to what top candidates are interested in. Finding out what those interests are is what makes a good recruiter great.


Senior-level employees know that employers look to Chris for recruiting qualified candidates for leadership roles. And as a result, connect with him to learn about possible opportunities or to leverage better conditions in their current role. 

Finding qualified candidates to fill positions at the highest level of leadership is just as much a challenge for companies as it is for qualified candidates to find a company that is their right fit.

A challenge both employers and executive candidates can meet by working with Chris. With insight from possible candidates, Chris can help your company attract talent by offering the environment they crave. With connections to management from other companies, Chris has a bank of talent to draw from to find the perfect leader for your company.

Placements of Healthcare Executives by Recruiter Chris Talbot

Chris Talbot medical executive recruiter

With unequaled access to some of the most innovative and proven healthcare leaders, you’ll easily navigate short-term strategic and management challenges to realize corporate goals.   

As a healthcare management recruiter, Chris has helped companies employ senior-level individuals across North America whose expertise range from regulatory affairs to oncology.  He has successfully placed dozens of leadership roles in areas such as clinical research, pharma, medical device companies, and labs. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your in-house team or need a contract worker, Chris is the recruiter for you. Not only his expertise but his relationships make him a top recruiter in the business.

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Chris Talbot
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