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Chris Talbot:

The Best Pharmaceutical Recruiter For Employers

Chris Talbot pharmaceutical recruiter provides stress-free talent attraction for employers in an expedited manner. 

A pharmaceutical recruiter that saves you time and gets you better talent

Hiring can be a stressful process for many employers recruiting without a pharmaceutical rebuiter. With thousands of candidates to screen, human resources and hiring authorities spend hours sifting through possible candidates, many of which are nowhere near qualified for the role. Even worse, the right fit isn’t actively looking for a new role and getting them to the table seems like an unsurmountable task. That’s where Chris can help.
Chris Talbot

Employer Testimonial:

"It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with Chris over the past years. Attracting and hiring the right candidates for a high performance sales team can be very challenging. Chris has consistently provided top producing candidates for my teams over the years and as well, provided valuable commercial insights that any hiring manager needs.

He is a true professional that balances the needs of his clients with that of his candidates to ensure a great fit every time. Finally, Chris is incredibly responsive and attentive to the hiring process, which goes a very long way when attracting top talent. I look forward to continuing to work with Chris and soliciting his knowledge and experience in helping build high-performance teams."
Dave Lindsay
National Sales Manager

As an expert recruiter, Chris makes hiring enjoyable

Chris’ team of expertly trained pharmaceutical recruiters use a refined approach to gauge candidates interest well before presenting an opportunity. By pre-qualifying top performers and leveraging industry referrals, Chris can ensure his clients gain access to hard to find, high performers which are open to keeping abreast of opportunities for advancement. Moreover, Chris’ proprietary recruitment process and coaching helps to ensure candidates interview well and put their best fit forward ensuring they do not waste his clients time.

Chris Talbot's Competitive Edge Helps in Recruiting Pharma Professionals

As a recruiter in the healthcare industry, Chris Talbot knows hiring in this market is both competitive and complex. Chris utilizes various tools to be an effective and efficient.

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IMS Group’s Life Science Division

Chris Talbot has become an expert pharmaceutical recruiter by investing considerable time and energy into understanding why candidates are motivated as opposed to pushing them to a job. He works in collaboration with IMS Group’s Life Science group.

IMS has gained industry recognition and praise for supporting business units looking to surpass the minimum growth figures and supercharge their growth by hiring performance driven individuals.  Still not convinced, look at the many referrals on linkedin or do your own research by asking executive level leaders about their experience with the IMS Group.

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Access to Top Talent

Chris has built a large network of quality candidates who are actively seeking new roles. IMS Group maintains to a large database of top talent who are not currently seeking a new role but would be open to learning about new opportunities that match their interests and career goals. As a member of IMS Group, Chris leverages these resources as well as the networks of his colleagues.

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A proven successful process

By constantly refining his processes, Chris exceeds pharmaceutical recruitment expectations. Chris uses technology to streamline the screening process and use our relationships with industry professionals and other recruiters to find you the best fit. Deadend? Chris will pick up the phone and call around – building relationships is the backbone of this industry and those genuine connections are what makes Chris different from other pharmaceutical recruiters.

“Today, 90% of recruiters use Llinkedin as a first step in healthcare recruitment and fewer than 10% use time tested cold calling methods. Data shows that actual conversations results in greater connection with prospects while reducing time to connect by 70%”

Recruiting for all types of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry

By leveraging support from the IMS group process, he recruits for various positions across North America. This includes Account Management and Sales, Marketing (upstream and downstream), toxicology, clinical drug development, medical and clinical affairs and more. 

Companies working with Chris Talbot have effectively recruited the following roles:

Clinical development

Translational Medicine


Sales and Business Development (individual contributors)

Regulatory & Medical Affairs

The Industry Finds Their Best Candidates using Chris for Recruiting

As a boutique pharmaceutical recruiter, Chris provides unparalleled customer service, making sure to treat every employer with the personalized attention they deserve. His experience has developed a deep understanding of the industry and what top talent are looking for in an employer.

If you’re looking to hire the best employees in the industry, look no further than Chris Talbot as part of IMS Group Life Sciences. Get in touch today!
Chris Talbot

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The Problem With Screening Applicants

“The average corporate job posted to a job board (linkedin, indeed, monster) receives approximately 250 applicants of which 4-6 candidates will be screened and interviewed.”
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